During next week we will have the lectures and workshops of VIRGO.UA invited lecturer

Dr. Marcus Kirsch

(XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre, Spain).

The aim of these lectures and workshops is to train people with XMM-Newton SAS software, give them the basics of data reduction, including analysis in pn timing/burst modes.
All these lectures and workshops will take place at VIRGO.UA room (Physical Faculty, r.423)

Time schedule:

Tuesday, 24 April.

14.15-15.00. XMM-Newton and its Software the SAS.
15.15-16.45.Workshop on basic SAS programms:
  • cifbuild;
  • epicproc;
  • xmmselect.

Wednesday, 25 April.

14.15-15.00. Spectral data extraction with XMM-Newton.
15.15-16.45.Workshop on advanced SAS programms:
  • perform basic proton flare screening;
  • extract spectra and background;
  • basic fitting with XSPEC.

Thursday, 26 April.

14.30-15.15. Timing analysis with XMM-Newton.
15.30-17.00. Workshop on timing analysis:
  • extract pn timing/burst mode data;
  • perform barycentric correction;
  • find periods (FFTs);
  • perform epoch folding with XRONOS.

In order to participation please contact Dmytro Iakubovskyi.